Kola Hagen


Kola Hagen

Father: Mosby Hagen           Mother: Tasha Robertson

“Kola” is 8 years old and weighs 65 pounds. She is super super super sweet! She has the most mild tractable disposition I have ever seen in a German Shepherd. She wants to please and anything you teach her she will try to do her best at. She has been worked a bit with protection work and loves to get the “bad guy”. She bites full mouth on the training sleeve. Kola has many tricks up her sleeve, she knows how to speak, shake hands, and herd animals. Kola has been a mother a few times now, but this will be her last litter. Her pups are all just as sweet as she is! She has been OFA tested and has a hip reading of Good. Kola is owned by Deborah and together they are the dynamic ranch duo.


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