Mosby Hagen

Father: Kinta Oday One           Mother: Changa D Rayo

Full Pedigree Here

Mosby is 8 years old and weighs 110 pounds. His hips have been tested and he has an OFA rating of Good. He is out of German and American lines, AKC registered. He is personal protection trained and is as loyal as a bee to his honey, but he absolutely adores kids. He has such a friendly temperament that no one ever suspects him of being a protection dog, (just don’t make the wrong move!) The family tease me that he can teach anyone to play fetch within three minutes; even people who don’t like dogs! People are putty in his paws, everyone falls for him and returns home with an arm sore from throwing balls!

Mosby is a very balanced dog in my opinion he has the perfect temperament and all my breeding efforts are to make more dogs like him. He will lay for hours in the house not causing any trouble alone or hanging out with the family. Then with a word he can go on guard and become a junk yard dog. Children run up to him and hug him around the neck and he isn’t a counter shopper. He loves car rides, nor does he mind being left in the truck while I go shopping. He loves to swim and get muddy and will stand patiently in the bath tub to get all the mud off! His only flaw (besides being older) is chasing horses! Unfortunately without that desire his work ethic would not be as strong either.