Scout Robertson

Scout Robertson

Father: El Sir | Mother: Jackie Robertson

“Scout” was born in July of 2009 and weighed 95 pounds in her prime. She is a much more possessive dog than some of our other breeding dogs and hates to have her owner out of her sight though she does not have separation anxiety or tare things up when she is left alone. She just doesn’t like it!

She is naturally very protective but this has been toned down a lot in recent years as she has been encouraged by her owner to be more friendly to strangers.  She had her last litter in October 2016. Over the years, she has been an exceptional mother to her pups, a dog that really enjoyed being a mom! Her pups tend to be high-drive, energetic and very smart. One of her pups was adopted to a loving family and became a certified service dog. Several others have become personal protection dogs and Scout’s brother was on the police force.


One thought on “Scout Robertson

  1. This is wonderful to see this about Scout. I got one of her puppies in Spring 2012. He was from the litter that was mixed with German Shorthair Pointer, but he’s obviously not mixed. He looks just like Scout.
    He’s an amazing dog, best shepherd I’ve owned-he thinks he’s human and he gets smarter every day. He’s very attached to me, as I am to him. As he’s getting older, 6 1/2 now, I’m thinking I will look into getting another pup from you guys. Im so thankful that I found him and saw the ad that day in the thrifty nickel. Thanks for being great breeders!
    Melody Dover-Miller


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