Schumann von Tronje

VA VA1(USA) Schumann von Tronje

SZ  2266033 (AKC DN43336401)
Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) – Elbows: SV: ED a-normal (a1)
DNA: Geprüft – AKC DNA #V760130

Full Pedigree Here

“Schumann” is one of the only two Sieger VA1 dogs in all of America! The Sieger show is the last word in the German Shepherd world. The Sieger show is a multi tiered show that begins with a health and temperament test. Upon completing these tests, the dogs must then prove their working ability. The working section includes tests of obedience, agility, tracking (nose work) and bite work. It is during these tests that the dog earns titles of Shutzhund or IPO levels I, II or III. The highest is of course the most difficult. Once the dog has shown, it can work, then it may enter the Sieger show. At this stage, his conformation is judged along with the working ability and conformation of his offspring! As you can see, it is a very complete competition. To my knowledge there is no other show in the world that is more difficult.

Anyhow, as a VA 1 rated dog, Schumann placed as high in the Sieger show as a dog can. Typically, Germany does not let these dogs out of the country so it was quite a privilege to have the opportunity to breed my female to Schumann. Schumann is 80 pounds and has an OFA rating of Normal. When I met Schumann, I was impressed by his quiet sense of authority. He is calm and self contained, a perfect gentleman. However once he is asked to show his protection skills its like flipping a switch, he becomes a beast with teeth not one to make mad!  


One thought on “Schumann von Tronje

  1. Schumann is the Sir to one of my female and she is one awesome unreplaceable female and has such beautiful pigment.She has been very energetic with no health issues. I bred her once and had a litter of 5 which she was bred to Xentos Von Wilhelmswarte.


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